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NewYork NewYork-Terrorist NewYork NewYork-Terrorist

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Retoric? Rethoric?

"Definitely NOT for ppl that fail in retoric meaning and/or irony" is not a sentence that has any meaning in English. Do YOU know what rhetoric means?

BATMAN.........(test) BATMAN.........(test)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bob WHO?

This was really good for a 13-year-old, but I feel I should point out that Batman was created by Bob Kane, not Cane. Other than that, as I said, it was nice.

American Attack American Attack

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good work

Don't listen to TheDon2000--he's an idiot brat from Norway. I'm sure if his friends died in flames yesterday, he'd have a different perspective. It shows how "friendly" the Europeans REALLY are to us, though, doesn't it? TheDon2000, you are a vile rat but I still hope you never have to go through what everybody over here in New York is going through now. We here in New York and in all of America are a noble people, and we don't even wish harm on useless moronic imbeciles like yourself. OberCanober, thanks for the Flash.

OberCanober responds:

I won't even respond to a 12 year old who does not know.

I might say something I will regret and could possibly go to jail for threatening the life of a minor.

Anyway, I hope the moderators of this site will remove offensive posts and keep the site clear of its distructiveness

(BTW I know I spelled plane wrong in the falsh and I will correct it. So if you see speeling errors above thats becuase I suck at typing not spealling.)